Saturday, January 12, 2008


AGROFORESTRY Abinuman, Inna G. Encouraging environmentalism through the teaching of Quality Teacher 4:2 6

AUTISM Britanico, Leores P. The integrative methologies in autism management: an Quality Teacher 4:2 10

CANDLE MAKING Abello, Xenia. Candle making: a hobby and a business. Quality Teacher 4:2 11

CAHARACTERIZATION Paez, Devi I. Characterization vs. character development vs. character Quality Teacher 4:2 15

CITIZENSHIP Leon, Yzobele M. Competencies for good citizenship: their place in the tech Quality Teacher 4:2 22

CLEAN AIR ACT Abinuman, Inna G. Keeping head above water: clean air act Quality Teacher 4:2 24

COMMUNICATION Velasco, Kristine. Communication disorders and their intervention in the Quality Teacher 4:2 28

COOPERATIVE LEARNING Orosa, Ma. Alicia B. Cooperative learning and cognitive strategies at work Quality Teacher 4:2 30

DISTANCE EDUCATION Dalit, Jessica B. A call for research initiative in distance education Quality Teacher 4:2 32

DISTANCE LEARNING Atienza, Theresita V. Distance learning: an old concept made new in the fast Quality Teacher 4:2 8

DUGONG Pilapil, Louie Ann Sirens in danger Quality Teacher 5:1 6

EDUCATION A Vision of the 21st century high school graduate Quality Teacher 5:1 8

ENDANERED SPECIES Abinuman, Inna G. The Human race: endangered specie Quality Teacher 5:1 10

ENGLISH de la Paz, Marco English conversation: let’s talk Quality Teacher 5:1 14

ENVIRONMENT Abinuman, Inna G. Effective environmental practices Quality Teacher 5:1 15

ENVIRONMENT Favis, Mary Rose M. WWW Philippines: making the environment Y2K ready Quality Teacher 5:1 21

ENVIRONMENT Parungao, Louie The Environmental principle Quality Teacher 5:1 23
ENVIRONMENT Pilapil, Louie Ann Be environment friendly Quality Teacher 5:1 24

FILIPINO Sison, Emma Olila Back to the basics sa pagtuturo ng asignaturang Filipino Quality Teacher 5:1 27

GESTURES Gestures: actions speak louder than words Quality Teacher 5:1 31

HOMEWORK Layog, Madelaine G. Reaping the benefits from homework Quality Teacher 5:1 33

HUMOR Torres, Arnel A. Humor in Teaching Quality Teacher 7:1 10

INDIGENOUS PEOPLE de Asis, Ariel L. Issue and concerns on education for the indigenous people Quality Teacher 7:1 14

INTERNET Gutierrez, Marlene M. Mining the Internet in the classroom Quality Teacher 7:1 16

INTERNET Viray, Carol O. On the inside looking: using the net for dynamic teaching Quality Teacher 7:1 22

LEARNING Lorenzo, Elizabeth Do your students complete or do they cooperate Quality Teacher 7:1 25

LEARNING Tolentino, Rhodora R. Discover: the joys of learning Quality Teacher 7:1 27

MALE SEXUALITY Agacaoli, Aurelio A Male poetics-or the teaching of poems on male identity Quality Teacher 7:1 29

MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE Laus, Amparo C. Multiple intelligence (MI) teaching strategies Quality Teacher 6:4 6

MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE Tolentino, Rhodora R. The Multiple intelligence: classroom strategies Quality Teacher 6:4 9

OPEN UNIVERSITY Villa, Normita A. Educational revolution through open university Quality Teacher 6:4 11

PEACE EDUCATION Durante, Ofelia I. Peace education: issues and concerns Quality Teacher 6:4 14

PEACE EDUCATION Malang, Melindi B. Teaching peace education Quality Teacher 6:4 16

READING Soto, Cornelia C. Grade school students’ reading behavior and habits Quality Teacher 6:4 23

READING Torres, Arnel A. Reading in sine qua non Quality Teacher 6:4 25

RESEARCH Costolo, Carmencita The potential of research to enhance quality in open and Quality Teacher 5:2 7

RESEARCH Cayanan, Wilhelmina What is an action research? Quality Teacher 5:2 10

RESEARCH Villa, Normita A. Accelerating research toward quality education Quality Teacher 5:2 16

RIVER Abinuman, Inna G. Reviving the Pasig River Quality Teacher 5:2 20

ROCO, RAUL Secretary Raul Roco and his first 100 days agenda Quality Teacher 5:2 28

SPED Potian, Michael S. The quest for reading: to sign or not to sign Quality Teacher 5:2 32

SPED Uy, Leticia V. Personal reflections and insights on teaching special children Quality Teacher 5:4 8

SPED under BEC: a SWOT analysis Quality Teacher 5:4 11

STRESS Lorenzo, Elizabeth. Stress busters Quality Teacher 5:4 13

STUDENT TEACHING Silapan, Elena. Student teaching updates Quality Teacher 5:3 6

STUDENTS Delos Santos, Ricardo. Our regular students have special needs Quality Teacher 5:3 8

TEACHERS Bacani, Benedicto. Oaring Bert: lumad ay pag-aralin, huwag lang pag-aralan Quality Teacher 5:3 10

TEACHERS Carpio, Rustica. The high-tech, high-touch PUP president Quality Teacher 5:3 21

TEACHERS Dalit, Jessica B. Dr. Carmela S. Perez, a pathfinding ICT manager Quality Teacher 5:3 25

TEACHERS De Guzman, Lily C. Romeo P. dela Paz: Roosevelt’s visionary president Quality Teacher 5:3 31

TEACHERS Dela Paz, Marco. Dr. Ponciano de la Paz: committed to excellence Quality Teacher 4:3 6
TEACHERS Espina, Felicidad P. Dr. Lily C. de Guzman: not a bundle of contradiction but Quality Teacher 4:3 23

TEACHERS Lorenzo, Elizabeth. The teacher as leader Quality Teacher 6:3 8

TEACHERS Lorenzo, Elizabeth. What you never learn in methods courses Quality Teacher 6:3 15

TEACHERS Palma, Jesus C. Dr. Aida C. Caluag: a quintessential educator Quality Teacher 6:3 26

TEACHERS Tolentino, Rhodora. The making of a Christian gentleman Quality Teacher 6:2 6

TEACHERS Villa, Hazel P. Dr. Rizza Amaguin: the school principal sets the tone Quality Teacher 6:2 12

TEACHERS Villamater, Rosel A. A hero in the making: Dr. Angelina P. Galang Quality Teacher 6:2 25

TEACHING Astillero, Amihan. Teaching: a vocation or a profession Quality Teacher 4:4 6

TEACHING Banasihan, Ma. Este. Pagbabago ng lipunan mula sa silid-aralan Quality Teacher 4:4 12

TEACHING Fagela, Marlina L. Teaching, touching and molding Quality Teacher 4:4 14

TEACHING Lopez, Fe A. A culture-sensitive style of teaching Quality Teacher 4:4 17

TEACHING Lorenzo, Elizabeth. Anyone for interdisciplinary teaching? Quality Teacher 4:4 20

TECHNICAL EDUCATION Arenal, Vina L. Strategic perspectives on technical vocation and training Quality Teacher 6:1 6

TECHNICAL EDUCATION Leon, Yzobele M. From tech-voc ed to development to liberal education Quality Teacher 6:1 9

VIDEO Viray, Carol Q. Video in classroom Quality Teacher 6:1 14

VOICE Lorenzo, Elizabeth. Develop the potentials of your voice Quality Teacher 6:1 16

YOUTH Delos Santos, Ricardo. The youth under attack: at home and outside Quality Teacher 6:1 22

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